Techniques to Help with Positivity

Lately, I’ve been focusing on a positive perspective. This time of year is hard for me… Typically, i struggle immensely in the fall time. My family and I have come to recognize that this is due to the anxiety of going back to school and the transition from summer where no stress exists for me to sleepless nights filled with math equations. Either way, i think a lot of people can relate to this. I’ve been dealing with this for most of my life and i wanted to figure out a way to subside my anxiety.

I entered this school year with full force. I wanted to get it right… to push myself forward when things got hard, and I did. Don’t get me wrong, there were days where I couldn’t stop crying but i pushed on.

This blog post isn’t about the process of pushing through but it’s how I did it and what i noticed is detrimental to my mental health and hopefully you can take a couple of my ideas to help yourself. These techniques help me everyday and remind me who i am and what I need to do to keep myself happy… enjoy!

This first technique I learned was in the hospital in November of 2016… this tends to be a technique for teens struggling with mental health but none the less, it could help everyone in a time of need.


This template helped me a ton in the hospital and made me recognize when I’m going into panic mode and the important steps to follow to help calm myself down.  Before filling this out, It’s important to identify your triggers and risk factors so you can help prevent them.

The more recent technique I continue to use is a template I found on Pinterest:

self care template

After completing the safety plan, I moved on to a more self-aware coping option. I have never really written down what I believe in or how to keep my body healthy but I finally did and I came up with this :




Lifestyle, Mental health, People support, physical and spiritual are all very important to me which is why I found this template super helpful. We all have our main “topics” in life. They are the topics that make up our life and how we feel. I keep these close to me because they benefit me and help with a positive outlook. If any of my subcategories are missing such as sleep, eating, talking to people, and medication aren’t in gear then my body is off. I can’t function without these in my life. When I don’t sleep, I’m not motivated. When I’m not motivated, I don’t complete my goals. These topics support one another.


I hope you take the time to maybe try these out in your life or give them a chance because I PROMISE it will make a huge difference.




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