Time is Running Out



I can’t help but think that time is closing in… fast. 5 months may seem like a lot but its not. Time is an essence in propel and when you lose time- you’ll never get it back.

Until my junior year, I didn’t care for school all that much. I didn’t know how to finish a full day of school and I was happy with 50% in my classes.

Then I came to Propel…

Suddenly, I gave a s*** about due dates, grades, and what people thought of my school work. I cared about missing school or missing out on activities because propel offered me the chance to expand my creativity.

This is my first time in propel as you may know, but it is my last time because I will be graduating this year.

I sat down with my teachers last week to talk about my project so far. If you would’ve told me 2 years ago that my marks would be above 80% and I would be filling out applications to apply to university, I would’ve laughed. Low and behold, my teachers and I stared at the computer screen where boxes had been ticked due to me completing tasks. I didn’t know that I was capable of this creativity or of scoring high marks.

The more days that go by, the more time runs out for my time here in propel. It’s the laughter and tears spent with my peers that slowly fade into memories. It’s the fact that I get to experience successes with people I love and to watch them grow.

My conference with my teachers wasn’t just about checking in – it was a moment that I deserved to feel proud of myself.





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